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Well hello there, and foremost Thankyou for visiting our website.

Our story begins in 2006 with the purchase of a dry cleaner, right here in Simi Valley. October of the year, we established choice 1 Cleaners with the principal idea that we were not going to be the common comer dry cleaner where you see almost in every block in every city.

Our goal was to be the best customer service oriented Dry cleaner in town. We besed our service to the requests and needs of our customers Never say no, or cant and always increase our quality in all aspects of our business.

As time went by we achieved our goal, and
we still continue to improve in our ability to catered to all of our customers requests. 

We achieved an unparalleled process in our dry cleaning method, and we implemented processes that is unique only to us.

Next to our exceptional cleaning⠀ability we wanted to have the best alteration and tailoring service. We Hired and worked with the best tailors, and alteration personnel. We brought in the newest and the most precise equipment to achieve the best results.

We wanted to offer the perfect fit. As we all know off the rack garments fit just a handful of people. For the rest of us, we have to compromise. Shoulders too wide, sleeves too long, midsection too blousy, or waist too small or big. But now, choice 1 cleaners makes it easy to have a perfect fitting garments for men or women of all shapes and sizes.


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